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When you see "Cannot find bluetooth device (1)" error message it means that your Bluetooth hardware on computer probably is using BlueSoleil, Broadcom (Widcomm) or Toshiba Bluetooth stack instead of the native Microsoft Bluetooth stack. The Remote Control Server works properly only with Microsoft BT Stack for now. 

There are different ways how to set up your computer to use native Microsoft Bluetooth software instead of pre-installed one on your PC. The fix mostly depends on your computer/notebook model and Bluetooth hardware. 

In most of the cases these steps can fix connection problem:
1) Create new System Restore point: you can find it when clicking on Start > Programs > Accessories > System tools > System restore.
2) Uninstall your existing Bluetooth software (from the "Control panel -> Add-remove programs" find Toshiba Bluetooth or Broadcom Bluetooth software and remove it).
3) Reboot your computer.
4) Wait while Windows detects Bluetooth hardware and automatically installs the drivers.
5) If Windows is unable to find the necessary drivers, you should use special freeware utility from

If this won't help, please contact our support. We will find solution for your specific case. 


Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 7,  Windows Media Center 6, Winamp 5.6x and Spanish VLC player version support

The latest versions of Remote Control Server 1.3 and 2.0 are updated to support Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 7, Windows Media Center 6, Winamp 5.6x and Spanish version of VLC player. Now volume up/down/mute, play/pause/stop, ff/rewind and fullscreen buttons are working correctly for these applications as well. You don't need to upgrade Remote Control application on your mobile phone. Just download and replace Remote Control Server on your PC.

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